Tow brake for my 2004 Saturn Vue

I have a 2000 Monaco Dynasty and tow a Saturn Vue with the six cylinder engine. I have done some research and have found several systems, but "which to chose?" I would prefer a braking system that doesn't require brute force on the brake pedal to work. (Something that activates the power brakes in the toad) I almost bought a M&G system but found out that I don't have enough clearance to mount the actuator. In reading this months Motorhome magazine I saw a new one to me, the Air Force One by SMI. Has anyone used this system? It sounds almost too good to be true.
Re: Tow brake for my 2004 Saturn Vue

We use the smi system. Prior to smi coming out with it we used the brake buddy. All I can say is that SMI is light years ahead of the outdated brake buddy system. Would I recommend it to others, yes, but I do have to mention that it is not cheap. Is it worth the cost, yes if you want a system that is dependable, reliable, and BEST of all simple to use.
Re: Tow brake for my 2004 Saturn Vue

The SMI stay and play is the best for the money. If your Dynasty has Air or Air over hydrolic braking there is another system which is installed at the master cylinder that works well also. I've seen it installed on a Dodge pickup and the owner said it was great.


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RE: Tow brake for my 2004 Saturn Vue

C, I tow a 2005 Saturn Vue behind a 31' Winnebago Brave and I have the Brake Buddy Pro installed. I did the installation of the brackets and wiring on the car myself and I have never had a problem with it, and I have driven the tandem set up on some pretty bad roads and weather etc and have never had a problem. I realize there are systems out there that appear to be more advanced, but I did a lot of research, as I had some budget restrictions that didn't fit with some of the newer machines out there. After pricing the units at dozens of sites, I purchased my unit on line from a company in California that offers free shipping and prices that are a fraction of the big RV stores. If you are interested in their web site so you can price it, drop me a line and I will find it for you.