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[David] I have purchased a 1988 Samuri to tow behind my motor home. Towing world&#039s web site recommends stopping every 200 miles and running the engine for about one minute to lubricate the transmission. One mechanic told me I should unhook every 200 miles and drive the tow around the block. Does anyone have experience with this? Are there any additives recommended to assist in lubricating and protecting the transmission?
tow car

[Jim M] Suzuki side kick&#039s have the same instruction in their owner&#039s manual. It calls for placing the transmission in drive with engine running for one minute every 200 miles. The procedure is said I believe, to help keep lubricant up in the transfer case. Since you are towing with the 4wd in neutral and the transmission in Park, you transmission is not the problem here. Never heard of the need to drive it around the block though. Sidekick&#039s also require manual hubs before you can do this though.
tow car

[David] Thanks Jim, Mine is a 5 speed and it does have manual hubs. I&#039m not a mechanic, but I think I&#039m getting the picture. The transmission isn&#039t moving with the transfer case in nuetral, so no need to worry about lubrication, but the transfer case does need a splashing of lubricant every couple of hundred miles to keep down friction heat build up and this can be done by simply running the engine for a minute?