Tow Dolly question

We are new to the country, new to RV's and are about to set off on a 1-year tour of as much of the country that we can see in that time. Just bought a 2000 35ft Windsport Motorhome and will be towing our daughter's Mitsubishi Eclipse. As that is front wheel drive we have also picked up a used Demco Kar Kaddy tow dolly.
I have now noticed that there is a "pin", which if removed allows the wheels to "steer".
Should this be removed when I am towing the car, or in place?
Any other tips about using the tow dollywould be welcome.
We should be setting off next week once we have everything ready and plan to leave Northern Vermont and head south to the Gulf area of Texas before the cold weather arrives. Would like to see Niagara Falls on the way, but, other than that we have no set plans - any suggestions of a route and places to stop and see on the way.
All ideas would be appreciated.


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Re: Tow Dolly question

We spent a week on Winter Island Park just off the coast of Salem, Massachusetts earlier this year. Very nice place then, but I don't know what the weather there is like now. Then take the toll road from mid Mass to upstate New York. We stayed in Batavia, only because of relatives there; you can probably get closer to the Falls if you try. I would suggest leaving the RV in this country and taking one of the tours of the Falls.
RE: Tow Dolly question

Thanks for the response.
Has going over the Canadian border got similar dangers as tripping into Mexico - should I increase insurance cover?. We are only 12 miles from the border now, so planned to get to the Falls from the canadian side, but appreciate your reply.
Any ideas on the tow dolly thing?


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Re: Tow Dolly question

I have no idea what dangers there are going across the Canadian Border. Either way. As you say, your insurance may not be valid there. Plus you have to make sure you follow all the rules for alcohol, tobacco, pets, firearms, medicines, plants, various foods, import duties, documentation and who knows what else. If you are going to visit in Canada for a while and find out all the rules before you go, that's one thing. To go over for an afternoon is something else entirely. For that, it is better to be bussed by professionals.

As to the dolly, not a clue. I've never used one. I have heard that it is 'impossible' to back up if you have one, so try real hard to avoid any situations where you have to back up. And if you get into one, drive the car off and out of the way, unhook the dolly and drag it out of the way, and then back up. By the way, does the dolly have brakes? That is generally a good idea and I think law in some places.

As for the pin, I just don't know. If you can find a manual (dealer, manufacturer, possibly online) it might give you some guidance on when to use it and when not to.

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Re: Tow Dolly question

I believe Canada requires proof of insurance. For U.S. residents that is usally a card the individual(s) insurance company sends them specifying that the individual(s) are insured for driving in Canada.

Canada is relative safe. They will probably like you, being from Australia.