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I have a Stehl Tow Dolly and have been towing with my front tires off the ground, looking at the Stehl Tow website it says that the drive wheels should be off the ground. Since I am towing a rear wheel drive vehicle should I back it onto the dolly so that the car is actually riding backwards?
Thanks for any help out there in RV land.


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I have seem some DP towing small pickups backward. I myself tow a Honda accord on a tow master, however it's front wheel drive. I HAVE HEARD THAT IS THE BEST WAY. Looking to go A4D real soon.
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Thanks for the inputs.
I have toad my Mazda Miata with rear on the ground and I'm thinking that is why I had to have my transmission reworked recently. I reckon to get back home I'll tow it with front wheels on the ground. Once I get it on the dolly and put it in neutral should I lock the steering wheel?


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When I tow my front wheel drive Mit Diamante with the front wheels on the tow dolly, I lock the steering wheel. I put it in park since the rear wheels turn freely.
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And don't forget to set the emergency brake. Dan-O, are you've been towing with a dolly a rear wheel drive? I'm curious, what have you towed and for how many miles. This may be great info for the rest of us.
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Hey elkhartjim,
Sorry it has taken so long to respond, working many, many hours. I normally pull my all-wheel drive (always in the 2 wheel-rear drive position) with the front tires off the ground. I have towed it from Decatur, AL to Columbia, SC 2 times and also from Russellville, AR to New Orleans. So far with no problems, knock on wood!! The problem I was having was towing my Miata (rear wheel drive) with the front tires off the ground. I am thinking this caused the 2nd gear sychro-mesh to go bad. If I want to take the Miata on future trips I reckon I'll have to get all 4 wheels off the ground using a car hauler.
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The problem with having your drive wheels down is it burns up the tranny because it has no circulation and over heats.Solution take out the driveshaft. I believe if you put the front wheels on the ground it s alfully hard to get your tires exactly straight. You can lock your steering near perfect but i still believe you would have a little sway to it.