Tow vehicle info


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Looking for info from anyone who is towing a fifth wheel with the ford f250 superduty crew cab single rear wheel 6.2ltr gas engine. I tow a 33ft fifth wheel and have always towed with a diesel. Am considering purchasing the above truck and want some input as to performance while towing under all conditions. The diesel never had a problem but not sure about the new 6.2 gas engine. Any info will be appreciated.
Art, I think you're going to need to list the tow weight of the trailer in order to compare apples to apples (if somebody does respond that has the 6.2 gas motor.


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I have a friend who has a 2010 with the 6.2 (I tried to talk him into a diesel). He is towing a Jayco 28.5 5er and has no complaints with it. I will see him this weekend and will try and get more info for you.