Tow Vehicle

Joe Dolby

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I have a 28 ft B-Touring Cruiser, it is like a Class C. I am looking for direction on a tow vehicle, whether to go with a dolly or tow bar. I wold be towing a compact or mid size auto. I am having a time finding a vehicle that will flat tow. Neighbors are saying there are many ways to flat tow most small cars. I was also told that a braking system had to be put inside the tow vehicle? Any help would be appreciated.

C Nash

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I would go 4 down Joe but JMO. There are plenty of cars that can be towed four down. Saturn, Honda, chevs but be sure to ck before buying. I tow a 4x4 4 door tracker and it is light and been great. I use the ready brake brake system and love it. Have towed 40k + miles. Toad came loose in Canada and brake system worked perfect. No damage. You may like the dolly fine but does add extra weight and sometime hard to find parking for it in a few cgs. AJMO


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Joe - Unless you are way younger than I am and you enjoy crawling around in the dirt, puting dirty straps on dirty car tires, I would recommend going with a vehicle you can tow 4-down. They are out there like Nash said, including most Jeeps and trucks with manual transmissions. Yes you will need a braking system for the toad, but a dolly will scrape on every speed bump, driveway and gas station you pull into. And you will have two extra tires to check on and replace. Voice of experience here and I won't do it again.:):)


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welll Jimmy I have to agree and dis agree with you. I have a dolly and it tows great, it just take longer to hook up than when I pull it A4D, and yes your hands do get a little dirty, that is why I keep a pair of the brown jersey gloves around just for that reason. I still prefer A4D, but since I have had to buy two rebuilt tranny for pulling A4D I think I am going with the dolly again.

Will Ford

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Most tow dollies do not have a lot of clearance and most will not do well backing up. In fact Master Tow states DO NOT BACK UP WITH THIS TOW DOLLY! This could damage you unit.