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We have just retired and have been 'full time' RVers since April. I want to tow a pickup truck with my motorcycle (Gold Wing) in the box. What kind of tow vehicle and other issues should I consider? Is anyone else doing this? JP

C Nash

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tow vehicle

Hi JP,
I assume you have a MH and want to tow a pickup behind with your honda. You will need to know the tow capacity of your mh and hitch. Research the type hitch, can the truck be towed 4 down or dolly, toad breaking system and proper lighting. More information on your tow vehicle would help.
tow vehicle

I assume you do not have the pickup truck now. Most four wheel drive (Ford and Chevy) trucks and SUVs have a transfer case that can be switched to neutral. That way you can tow 4 down with the truck locked and secure, no special cooling required and odometer does not run.
tow vehicle

Good advice Roadhouse! My comment would be to make double **** sure you leave the ignition in "on" (not off!) if "off" the front wheels will lock in whatever turn radius they happen to be in. I Found this out the hard way!
tow vehicle

Wow *** We tow a Chevy Trailblazer with the ignition in the locked position and have no problem at all. We just came back from 6,000 miles. The bottom line appears to be to check out each vehicle completly and try not to learn the hard (expensive) way.

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