Tow Vehicle ?

Art Sanderson

New Member
I am looking at a 25' Trailer that has a GVW6500 and I am new at this and would like to purchase a 4 Door short bed truck. Should it be a
1/2 Ton or a 3/4 Ton? or should I go for a HD SUV. Please.. I need help and information.

C Nash

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Tow Vehicle ?

Agree with Vern on the 3/4 ton long w/base for a tow vehicle. The h/d SUV would be ok if you need the extra room in your tow vehicle. Which ever you chose, be sure it has all the towing packages installed. The 1/2 ton will tow this unit if it has the right engine, towing package and rear axle ratio and as Vern said the breaking is not nearly as good on the 1/2 ton. Good luck and post what you get.

Chelse L. Nash