tow vehicles for ultralite rvs


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I own a 2004 jeep grand cherokee special edition 4wd 6 cylinder. It is rated for about 5000 gvw. I wondered if anyone uses a similar vehicle to tow 14-16 foot ultralites like zooms, Eco, Surveyors, casitas, scamps, classic cruisers, fun finders, etc... I am interested in the towabliity-how it tows, mountains flat, high altitudes, sway etc... thanks fo any info :)


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Re: tow vehicles for ultralite rvs

GVWR is not the factor here, it is the towing capability or the CVWR (combined vehicle weight rating). Towing capacity should be taken with a grain of salt, as they use some unlikely 'standards' in order to advertise the highest value possible. More accurate is CVWR - the actual weight of the vehicle and contents and trailer and contents.

What is the range of weights of the 'ultralites'? GVWR is much more useful than 'dry' weight.

Does your vehicle have a 'tow package'? The most important part of this package is a transmission cooler, which you can add if you don't have one.

Assuming you stay below all the weight ratings of your vehicle and the trailer, towability is dependant on trailer length vrs truck wheelbase, and the hitch and the way it is set up. Jeeps are pretty short, but then 14-16 feet is pretty short too. If I was going to tow a travel trailer, I'd look first at the PullRite hitch, which claims to make a TT tow like a fifth wheel, and easier to hook up to boot.