Towable vehicle?

I have just purchased an '04 Chevy workhorse class A and want to know what would be a good vehicle you all could reccomend me to purchase for towing?

I was thinking about buying a Saturn? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to buy a new car, would like to spend between 4-8 grand.



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RE: Towable vehicle?

I just sold my 93 Winnebago with the chevy 454 and we towed a 2005 Saturn Vue. It has a Honda drive train and is towable all 4 down without any modifications. Now I have a 2005 Georgie Boy Pursuit with a Ford V10 and plan on towing it with that. I will say it struggled on steep grades so I plan on having a Banks system installed to improve the performance.
RE: Towable vehicle?

I tow a 2002 saturn L200 behind a 34 ft 2007 allegro bay on a work horse chassis and cannot tell it is even back there. :)
RE: Towable vehicle?

I just purchased a '2004 Saturn Ion and I am hoping that this car works out being towed behind my Damon Challenger. I hope these gas prices STOP rising!! :)


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Re: Towable vehicle?

I am planning on trading in my truck for a Honda CRV because its an SUV, it can be towed very easily, gets good gas mileage and the wife says she can see more when site seeing due to being a taller than a car.
Re: Towable vehicle?

Last Thurs. I made my purchase on an '2004 manual shift Saturn Ion. Now, all I need to do is hook it up to my blue OX. I have the towing device hooked up, I am assuming I need to get the plate and wires hooked up to my Saturn. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated !

Thx :)


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Re: Towable vehicle?

hey Northernbuckeye welcome to the forum, I have a 2003 Fleetwood with a 454 Chevy workhorse and tow a 2000 Honda Accord on a dolly Which saves the milage being put on it. And we haven't had any problem towing it. I did have the banks power kit & and a super chip installed and that surely help out. :laugh: :laugh: :approve: :approve: