Towing 2 cars??

Hello again!!

New question and this is a REAL stumper. My SO and I are starting to travel and work full-time on the coach. However, we have 2 cars and will need 2 cars for work.

Any ideas on how to 'tow' them? My only thought, so far, is to get a trailer that will hold both cars end to end...I am open to all suggestions!!

Towing 2 cars??

Both on one trailer sounds a bit much to me unless you have a jet engine in your RV, but then what do I know. I sure wouldn't try it if it were me. ;)
Towing 2 cars??

Sounds like its time to downsize, buy a class B Motorhome and tow a car behind it. or the new Mini class C built on a sprinter chassi w/the diesel getting 17-19 mpg. I know where you can get one.
Towing 2 cars??

Thanks....I think I need to explain to my SO that having 2 cars is a Pain in the Neck, not to mention double expense. I appreciate all your thoughts and ideas. PS...wish I DID have a jet engine on my RV!!! :laugh:


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Towing 2 cars??

You could 'convoy' :) , one person drive the MH towing one car, and the other person driving the other car. Switch off now and again, and have a good radio system between you. GMRS is a good choice, needs a licence but that only requires money, not a test. When you apply for the licence, request 'nationwide' coverage.