Towing 2 trailers

Hey anybody ever seen those RVers pulling a car behind their motorhome and the another trailer behind the car? Whats up with that? I though I would be able to bring alot more stuff with me if I did that too. So I called the Highway autority here in Massachusetts and asked him if it was legal, and he told me he would arrest me if he saw me pulling two trailers! So how are these guys doing it?


Gary B

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Towing 2 trailers

Hi Aaron, I think they just haven't been caught! :( Here in MN. you can double tow with a 5th wheel only, (not counting MH's and toads)the 5er can only be 28' and the overal length can not exceed 60' and the combined wt. must be within the cap. of the tow vehicle. Towing a trailer hitched to a toad being tow by a MH will definetly get you a ticket. :blackeye:
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