towing a camper and a boat

Thinking of going to a pull-behind camper or fifth-wheel instead of my slide-in for more room. The trouble is, I also have a 17' Lund fishing boat with a 90hp Mariner that must go too. I was wondering if anyone has had experience doing this. I live in Laramie, WY where it is often windy. I've seen many people go "two-up", but have never had the chance to talk to them. I'm looking at campers in the 20' range. Is this doable with stabilizers on a bumper pull or would a fifth-wheel be the only way to go? Thanks, I'm brand new to this forum.
towing a camper and a boat

I have a close friend that has a 5th wheel and he pulls either his scooter trailer or a boat trailer. He did have a pull behind and he said it gave him fits.
towing a camper and a boat

Hi wstuart welcome aboard!!

I've been in this biz quite awhile but I have no idea on the 2-up thing.
I just wanted to say this..............
If it comes down to towing just one, I'd much rather go fishin'

17' Starcraft Fishmaster w/125 Merc 2-stroke. It hasn't helped me catch any more fish, but it gets me there pretty quick. :laugh:
towing a camper and a boat

Dont come to California.You cannot tow more than one vehicle in this state.

Merry Christmas to all.

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towing a camper and a boat

My buddy towed his 18' boat behind his jayco 5th wheel without any problems and i intend to do the same when i go from a-class to fifthwheel.Merry christmas to you and all!!

Gary B

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towing a camper and a boat

Hi wstuart, welcome to the forum, the only way to know for sure is to check with the Wyo. DOT and the stater rv towing regs. Many folks double tow with 5th wheels and have few problems, here in MN. it is legal with a 5th wheel only the 5th wheel must be 28' or less the total overall length must be 60' or less and the tow vehicle MUST have enough towing / braking cap to handle the total wieghts. I know a couple that towed their fishing boat behind their 24' Hitchhiker II with a F-250 and had very few problems, but when they upgraged to a 28' 5th wheel he gave the idea up as he didn't feel comfortable with the larger load. So yes it is done, check with the local state regulations. Happy Holidays to all. :approve:
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