Towing BEHIND a 5th wheel

Question is:

Can I buy a big nasty flatbed diesel to pull a 5th wheel and then use my Blue Ox tow bar to pull a little Ford Ranger behing the 5th wheel? :approve:
Towing BEHIND a 5th wheel

In some states you can without special license in others you must have a commercial doubles license and in most it is illeagal. You will have to know the laws where you will be driving. I know in Oregon its leagle to tow doubles as long as you don't go over a certain length.


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Towing BEHIND a 5th wheel

Also, many 5th wheels don't have full strength frame at the rear end, and so mounting a reliable hitch there may be a challange.
Towing BEHIND a 5th wheel

Don't come through Virginia or surrounding states. I also agree with John on the strength of the bumper. Trailer frames, not just at rear, are NOT designed to tow something behind. I know it is done, but they just aren't designed for it.