Towing Behind a Class C


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I have a 2002 31' Fleetwood Class C and was wondering what I need to do to be able to tow a Cargo Trailer with 3 Motorcycles in it. I have a 2"x2" receiver/hitch that came with the unit but the manual says it can only trailer 3500#. This is the rating for all Class II hitches, but a class II hitch's receiver is 1 1/4"x1 1/4". Did Fleetwood put a Class III hitch on and if so would that mean I could tow up to 5000# which my total weight of trailer and bikes is less than that. Safely?

I also would like to be able to tow a car behind my unit and if I'm limited to 3500# I could be in trouble. All the motor homes I've seen have a small towing capability but I always see them with large trailers or heavy cars behind them. What's the secret?

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Towing Behind a Class C

I have a 32' Class C and can tow 5000 but there are many things that you have to do:

1) First be under GVWR (14,050) the GCWR (20,000) and rear GAWR (9450) with the trailer. Hard one is the rear GAWR since you have to add the tongue weight to an already heavy rear end.
2) Ford allows up to 10,000 on the E450 frame but Fleetwood stretched the frame so you have to have Fleetwood’s rating. My RV is a Thor Four Winds and they weld and bolt the extension and use the same size steel….I found that is not the normal in the industry. Thor Four Winds rates the frame to the same limits as the original Ford chassis.
3) While your hitch may look heavy duty, it needs to be officially a Class III with sticker for liability reasons.
4) You need brakes. Ford requires any trailer over 1500 to have brakes.

I would bet that many of the C’s with big trailers are not legal.

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