Towing capacity on Bounder 36s


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I am trying to find out what the maximum towable weight is for a bounder 36S with the triton V10. I do not have an owners manual available to check in. Does anyone happen to know what it is?


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Re: Towing capacity on Bounder 36s

Mike, I would guess not over 5000lb. Maybe someone with a Bounder can give you the correct answer. Have you tried contacting Fleetwood?


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Re: Towing capacity on Bounder 36s

To determine that we will need to know what year it was built? And also which chassis and which engine? The V-10 came out at 275hp and then in 2000 it became 310hp and in 2006 it went to 362hp. In addition, the first V-10 powered chassis had a GVWR of 18,000 and a GCWR of 21,500. That to has changed over time. The best way is to find the weight ratings that will be on a data plate in your Bounder and see what they say since that is the key to your answer. That plate will have the GVWR (gross weight rating), the GCWR (gross combined weight rating) and axle ratings and a lot of other information. You also need to know the weight ratings of your hitch receiver since it also has limits for both max. towing weight and for the max. tongue weight. That will be stamped into the frame or the receiver of your motorhome.

To find the amount that you can safely tow, first subtract the GVWR from the GCWR and that will get you into the ballpark. To know for sure you must actually weight the motorhome when loaded for travel, as that weight is the key and if it is less than the GVWR you could add that extra to the GCWR. If it exceeds the GVWR, you must subtract that since the GCWR is what you can safely stop in an emergency, but you should also take action to get the RV's weight down under that rating if you want to be safe and to have good service from the chassis. Keep in mind that whatever you find in this area must also be kept under the limits of the hitch ratings or it could fail. If you tow a trailer you must be concerned with tongue weight but if towing a car by tow-bar then only the max. is of concern. I do believe that Chelse is correct that no gas powered Bounder has a hitch that is rated for more than 5000#.