Towing dogs in trailer

We would like to buy an Airstream because of the price as opposed to a Class A. We have 3 big dogs and want to know if it is legal to tow your dogs in a trailer. They woould be in their respective crates and the temperature will be comfortable the time of year we will be traveling. Any ideas of where to find out?

C Nash

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Re: Towing dogs in trailer

The last time I priced an Airstream they were about as high as a class A :laugh: Best TT out there IMO or the older ones were.
Re: Towing dogs in trailer

It is illegal in most states to have humans in travel trailers while in motion. As such, I would not put my dogs in the trailer either. As much as dogs love to look out the windows while traveling, sticking their faces out the window, they won't see a thing from their crates in the TT. They ride in the truck with us, we bought a crew cab just for them! In the off chance of an accident, TT's do not stand up well and I cannot imagine what would happen to the dogs.


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Re: Towing dogs in trailer

I don't think that there is anywhere that it would be illegal but I still would not do it, for the same reasons that most places make it against the law for people. The #1 danger is that if there should be an air leak into the trailer, CO could get inside of the trailer and it is a poison. The animals inside would fall asleep and never wake up.
Re: Towing dogs in trailer

I would contact your local vet. or the humane society to see if there is any law prohibiting the transport of animals in a trailer. You could also look online with your states Motor Vehicle code or even ask your state trooper when you stop by the donut shop... :clown:
If you choose to put the pets inside, I'd suggest that there was ample air flow, JMO.
Good luck.. :) :)