Towing for a Tow Light


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Hi All,
I am a new member but not new to RVing. I recently got a 96 Tow Light TT. It weighs 4000 lbs. Presently I have an old 89 Chevy Celebrity SW. I know that won't pull anything much.

My question is, can I safely pull my TT with a 91 S10 Blazer or a 92 Cherokee 4.0 engine. Another one I am considering is a 91 Bravada 4.3 Vortec engine.

I know the traditional answer is a heavy duty v8 PU but I am on a limited budget. What ever I get will also have to be my "every day" vehicle so I need to think of gas mileage. As I am a travel writer and author, I spend a lot of time driving, not towing. going around promoting my books and delivering them. I also go to the fairs and that is mostly when I will be towing my TT.

I have in the past towed a 19 foot Shasta TT with a 6cyl Chevy SW. And only once got myself in a bad spot. My fault for parking the TT in a beautiful spot at River Junction (Lake Seminole) on the FL/GA border. Just so happened that the spot was on a really steep uphill incline. Poor SW couldn't make it up pulling the TT without a tow. Leveling was a rough jop too. So I know it does not always take a truck to do the job.
Would love to hear opinions form those who might have towed wiht any of the above SUV's or other ideas.

I read the posts related to "Donague's" question about the 1/2 ton truck and the 8000 lb TT. I do know to hold the speed down. I have experienced the terrible feeling of swaying with my Shasta. Also any suggestions aobut best choices in brakes for the Tow Light or will it need them?

Gary B

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Towing for a Tow Light

Hi Katy, I don't know about the towing abilities of any of the vehicles you memtion, but my preference would be the Cherokee 4.0 then the Bravada 4.3, we have some friends that towed a 20' TT to Alaska and back with their Cherokee (inline 6), with no problems, Good luck. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve: