Towing four down

[RonS] I am trying to set up a Ford Ranger for four wheels down towing, and want to use the tail lights from the Ranger hooked to my Motor Home. What do I need on the Ranger and where can I get it and info on installation. Thanks in Advance. Ron
Towing four down

[Jim M] Hi Ron: I am not sure what all the ins and outs there are here, there are a lot of MH/Toad combinations and each has its own set of problems. However, I know that if your MH and Toad are different light setups, you will need "adapters" either a small relay or diode box depending on which setup you have. These can be purchased anywhere trailer light supplies are sold. If your toad and MH are both the same system, I have been told that you could just hook them up wire to wire, light to light. I have heard though, that can be a problem with some computers in TOADS, though not sure why. I recently had some questions regarding 4 down towing and got some excellent advice from this forum. There are some pretty good experts watching this forum, and I am surprised that you havn&#039t gotten a better response here! One of the guys told me to contact Turned out to be good advice, I called them on the 800 number and got some execellent help and a pretty good price on the stuff I needed. Let us know when you get your answer regarding your specific problem.