Towing new TT question


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New to the forum... We are thinking about buying a 35' Keystone Sprinter, 8400 empty weight. Pulling with 2006 chevy 2500hd, 6.0 gas, 4.10gears. Currently have 25' Jayco. First, will the jump from 25' to 35' be significant as far as maneuvering thru sites, backing in, etc? Second, I'm more than doubling my towing weight, any potential problems with this?



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Re: Towing new TT question

If the trailer weighs 8400 'empty' then it will probably weigh 9500 or more 'loaded for travel'. You need to find out what the maximum towing capacity of your truck is (manual or dealer), and then subtract the weight of everything you have added to, or carry in, the truck (including passengers, and any amount you weigh over 150 pounds). If you had a diesel engine, you would probably be ok (I think I've seen that truck rated around 12000 pounds with diesel), but I think you'll find that with that smaller gas engine you will be overloaded (I'm thinking the rating may be around 9000 pounds).

I have the 2001 GMC version of that truck, and I had problems (power, not stability) towing 7000 pounds. Probably either GMC improved it or mine has problems, because people with later models of the same vehicle don't seem to have that problem.


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RE: Towing new TT question

I have the same truck pulling a 35 ft. outback 5th wheel that weights the same empty. I know it is there from a dead stop, but once i get going it will run 65 to 70 on the open road . On hills I let it go at its on pace, not pushing the truck it will run 45 to 50 on a good grade.That is as long as i can keep my speed and don't get caught up behind a semi, which hasn't happened yet.

Hope that helps a little on your decision.

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Re: Towing new TT question

i believe you are talking about the 311BHS.I bought the same camper in april.I had a 2005 silverado HD gasser,and it was not fun towing it.So i bought a 2007 diesel and the difference is tremendous.You probably can tow it ,but it will be very close to pushing the limit.By the way it is an awesome camper. :)