towing vehicle


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I have a Nissan crewcab 6 cyl. rated by book to pull 5000 lbs.
I have just purchased a 25 foot Flagstaff with a dry weight of 3251 lbs. and a gvwr of 4664lbs. Had no problem pulling pop-up camper...Was wondering if I had enough truck for this this trailer?...

C Nash

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towing vehicle

Saw a wreck on I65 this past week end where a trailer, couldn't tell if it was a 5th wheel are tag along, had ran off the road and fliped. Looked like a mighty small truck to be towing a rv this size and didn't see another vehicle involved. Get a truck that tows twice what you want because we always end up with a bigger rv next time.

Chelse L. Nash


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towing vehicle

Hello! :) If your Owners Manual says 5000, then it is 5000! If you try to fudge it over that it could VOID your warranty and also make you personally liable for any property damage that may result if you lose control while towing. JMHO John
P.S. I think you have enough truck to pull it.

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