Towing w/ Honda Odyssey


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Wondering if my Honda Odyssey is capable of towing a travel trailer... we have a good zsized Jayco popup and it does fine with it
but we are thinking about moving up to a travel trailer... anyone have any experience or thoughts on capabilities.


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Towing w/ Honda Odyssey

Don't have a clue, but your owner's manual might, or the dealer.

If you don't have a transmission cooler in the vehicle, it is better not to tow anything.

There are several values you need to know. First is the GVWR (maximum weight) of the trailer. Then the 'pin weight', which is how much weight the trailer loads onto the tow vehicle. As for the Honda, you need the GVWR (maximum weight), GCWR (maximum weight of truck and trailer), GAWR (maximum weight on each axel), Cargo weight (how much stuff and people will be in the Honda) and for the hitch, maximum weight and tounge weight.

If adding the trailer will exceed any of these limits, avoid that trailer. It is even more wise to have a safety margin below these limits.


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Towing w/ Honda Odyssey

I don't know much about the Oddysey, but if it has front wheel drive, I would be very hesitant to tow anything that weighed a whole lot. The back end of front wheel drives tend to get very light, particularly on a curve. By all means, please check the owners manual, and ask the service manager at your Honda dealer.