towing with a 4runner


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Has anyone tried towing a rockwood roo 26rs or anything similar in size and weight( 27'hitch to tail - 4200#dry ) with a 4runner. Ours has a 4.0 V6 and a 6700# rating with upgrades ( tranny cooler, wd hitch reciever ). I tried towing it in the neighborhood around the sales lot and it seemed to pull just fine, I am wondering about hills and sway.


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towing with a 4runner

Forget dry weight. It is not reliable (does not include any accessories or changes by the dealer). Also, you will probably never tow it 'dry' (except to get it home from the dealer :). It is best to use only the GVWR of the trailer, as that is the most it is allowed to weigh.

My truck has a 6.0L V8 engine, and had trouble pulling a 6500 pound trailer up hills... So I suspect you are not going to be happy with that engine/trailer combination.

As for sway, I suspect the right hitch may minimize that. If I were to tow a travel trailer, the first hitch I'd investigate would be the PullRite. They claim it makes a TT 'tow like a fifth wheel'. Certainly appears it would be easier to hook up than any fixed hitch.