Towing with a 99 Suburban questions

Well...the wife and i want to buy a travel trailer. We found one that we really like. It is a Springdale 292BHLS. It has a dry weight of 5960 and hitch weight of 770. Dealer sates my 99 Chev Surburban would handle it like a dream. I doubt that.....but I sure would like to get this trailer. It has a class 5 factory hitch with the tow package. Rv dealer states that with the WD hitch and sway bar I would be able to pull the trailer and be comfortable. We live in Michigan so hills are not really an issue but I do not want this thing parked and not being used because it is a pain to pull. The chev has a 5.7 and 3.73 axle and HD trany oil cooler. Owners manual states 6000lb max. Am I nuts for even thinking aboout doing this. We want this big of a trailer since we have 3 kids and when we are not using it for camping it will be used like a guest house. The property we just bought has been set up for a travel trailer hook up with a seperate well, septic and power hookup all on a nice flat area by our pond. So am I nuts? Please help with any advice.

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I don't know about pulling it, but I do know that the "guests" who most like your new guest house will be mice! Sounds like a beautiful spot, though!

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Add 2000 lbs to the dry weight for the Travel Trailer and you will be closer to the real weight of the TT when it is loaded for a trip. Also, you have to consider the weight of the suburban fully loaded with gas, passengers and gear. You might get by for short not to frequent trips. If you plan on a lot of long trips, I would look for a smaller or lighter trailer or a tow vehicle with a heavier tow rating.


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Tow ratings are for a completely empty vehicle, no passengers, no cargo, no accessories. Just a 150 pound driver and a bit of gas. And the weight being towed is a flat bed trailer with 'no' wind resistance. My 'real towing weight guess formula for that suburban is (6000 - 1000) * .8 or 4000 pounds. Sorry, but that trailer is way too much for that truck.
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Thanks everyone for the replies. My gut feeling was right. But I did go ahead a make a purchase tonight. I found a 2008 Jayco 26JTX. Still pretty big and a bit heavy. Dry weight is 4560. This paticular Jayco dealer gave excellent service and advice and hope to very happy for many years. I know I am not buying a Cadilac of RV trailers but with 3 small children that can destroy a brick my investment of 13200 should make it a little easier to watch them be themselves. This will be our first camper so it should be fun!!!!
I hope all the skills my Dad and Grandpa taught me come back to mind on how to back that 29 foot beast up!
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I had a guy from San Augustine, Texas in DEEP East Texas once tell me that his kids were so bad,

"They can *mess* up a crowbar in a sandpile!"

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