Towing with a Chinook Concourse


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Anyone had any experience with towing using a Chinook Class C?? I am looking at buying a Chinook Concourse, but want to know if would be able to safely and efficiently pull my horse trailer. I know the unit has a trailer hitch and I know the engine could handle the trailer with the horses, but I am concerned about the rear step and having to use an extension for the ball.

Also, does anyone know what kind of gas mileage the F-350 V-10 gets?
Thanks, Karen

C Nash

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Re: Towing with a Chinook Concourse

You can expect around 8 MPG but a lot depends on driving habits and amount/weight of towing. The specs on the Chinook should give you some idea about the tow capacity. Ck the hitch to see what it's rated to handle.