Towing with a Class A

I am considering purchase of a Class A to be used for vacations, but also for towing my race car and trailer. The trailer loaded with race car, spares, tools, etc. is about 6800 lbs, but I can foresee at some point going up to 8000 or so lbs. My current enclosed trailer is about 24 ft overall with a 20ft box. Many of the folks I race with do this regularly, putting up to 7,500 miles annually on their rig. Most of these folks have had their units for up to a decade with no significant issues.

If I go this route, I know I need a unit with a very stout chassis and drivetrain, with a reasonable wheelbase and minimal rear overhang. I am talking to friends for recommendations.

However. from what I read, I get very mixed reviews on on whether this is a good idea or not. i am thinking maybe it is best to go to a full truck based toterhome, although with that option, one sacrifices motorhome amenities for towing capability.

I would appreciate thoughts and experiences from those who have done similar.




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Re: Towing with a Class A

A nice diesel MH would do it. just make sure it has enough HP and can handle the load.


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well i don;t know that a toter will be less than a real class A deisel ,, yes less living quarters ,, but u still have about the same stuff in it ,, but if u buy and as Hollis said i would go with a deisel ,, IMO a DP ,, hardly any rear over hang ,, and they are capable of (depending on the model and size ) towing up to 10,000 lbs ,, and u won't really feel it ,, but again JMO :approve: :approve: :approve: :) :)
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A coworker of mine who lives in Minnesnowta, builds conversion trucks(tractors?)motorhomes. He stretches the frame and build the cage, etc. The result is a MH that can pull a sizeable load. Is this what you mean by a truck based toterhome? The last time I talked to him he had one that was ready to be sold.
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Now my 2 Cents, I have a 40ft pusher with a 350 cummings and allison. On a resent trip we "toad" a 20ft car hauler with a motorcycle and a handicap van enclosed for 3400 miles. We averaged 7.2 MPG at freeway speed with the only problem being fueling in tite places. There was a lot of road hop but once the rig got rolling it was almost a free ride. Make sure you have working trailer brakes as panic stopping gets interesting. Blessings RB