Towing with a Class C

Have a 28' Class C on Ford E450/V10 chasis. Want to tow small car and have figured out weight issues, etc. but want to know what people's actual experience is regarding ease of handling, etc. Any insights would be appreciated. If too much hassle, would contemplate renting a vehicle instead if staying long term in one location.


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Towing with a Class C

As I understand it, it is 'impossible' to back up with a toad. On the other hand, it should not be too difficult to unhitch the car, back up it and the MH separately, then reattach.
Towing with a Class C


Lots of people tow cars behind their Class C motorhomes. You have plenty of motor to do this and your MH is probably rated to tow 3500#.

There are two ways to do this. Cheap way to tow front wheel drive cars in on a tow dolly. For $1000 or less you can buy a good used dolly with brakes. If the dolly has electric brakes you will need to invest in a brake controller for your MH. Less than $100. You need NOTHING else. You can then tow any FWD car and many manual transmission RWD cars.

The more expensive way is use a tow bar. This requires a towable car. Most automatic transmission cars require modification before they can be towed. The car also must be modified to allow the tow bar to be attached to the car. Count on $1000 for the above. Brakes are a necessary safety feature and are required in some states and Canadian provinces. Regardless of legal requirements, it is dangerous to tow without a braking systeim for the towed vehicle. Add another $1000 for the braking system.

Most extended trips away from home in a MH are much more enjoyable when you have a toad. Makes all that sightseeing that much easier.

Towing with a Class C

I didn't have any handling issues when towing up to 3500lbs with a Class C. We wouldn't be without a toad, but some folks prefer to not have the hassle of hooking up, etc.

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Towing with a Class C

Hi charley599, we tow our 2002 4x4 tracker 4 down and hardly even know it's back there. Rented before but didn't like that route. Hate to rent just to make a trip to the store and hard to find rentals in some areas. Bought tow bar from e-bay, falcon 2250, and it is no problem to hook up at all. Went with the diodes in hookin up lights on rear of toad. No breaking system yet. Still researching to see which unit I want. Takes about 5 minutes to hook up and prepare the tracker for towing. If I had it to go over would probably go with one of the light weight bars. I would not go with the dolly because of our type camping. We move a lot and getting to lazy to push a dolly around :)
Towing with a Class C

Presently towing a PT Cruiser on a dolly with a 31' C V10 E450 with no problem. Plenty of power and braking. Backing up is like pushing a string.
Towing with a Class C

Have a 28' class C and tow a plymounth voyager on a 'Master Tow' dolly. I do not even notice I'm towing it. Backing up is impossible, but you just need to watch up ahead. I purchased the dolly for $1300 new. It has a rotating base which allows it to track better. It also has a pneumatic brake system. Having a toad gives you added freedom. My reason for going with the dolly instead of the tow-bar is now I can tow any of my vehicles. If it's just my wife and I, we tow the car, if the kids are with us, we take the van.
Towing with a Class C

Hi Just towed 886 miles for the first time with a 1985 Shasta with a 460 under the hood. It's a class C I used a Blue Ox and towed a 96 Staurn drop in in Netural and away we went. Lights were hooked under the hood of the Saturn which is a coupe a little over 3,000. The only advise I'd give is get a four door Saturn especially if your a large or tall person. Good Luck have fun