Towing with a Dolly

Pardon my ignorance, but I am new to RVing. I read on another forum that MOST front wheel cars could be towed using a dolly. How can I tell if my car is one that can be towed? I was considering towing a 97 Lincoln Continental.


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Towing with a Dolly

Welcome to the forum. Call your dealer and check with them if your not sure. Yes, most front wheel drive vehicles should be towable with a tow dolly. Don't forget the weight issue on towing. Make sure you don't exceed your weight limits, etc. You should consider brake issue with the dolly you purchase. Either one with brakes or a aux brake unit for car (like Brake Buddy). :)
Towing with a Dolly

If that's a LARGE car, then it would more depend on how much your RV can tow. However, if the driven wheels are "off the ground" (not turning) then you shouldn't have a problem.
Towing with a Dolly

I would ask your Lincoln dealer about the air ride. That may be a consideration since the Conti has an active suspension. I think you will be alright but I would ask to be sure.
Towing with a Dolly

Thanks for the input. I did check with my Lincoln dealer, and they said it would be OK. The motorcoach we are buying has a 10K towing capacity, so this should be OK too. I will probably go to something smaller eventually, but it is a relief to not have to worry about buying another vehicle until we can recuperate from the blow of buying the motorcoach. The dolly that I was looking at comes with electric brakes. Once had to tow a heavy utility trailer with a "part time" braking system quite a few miles. Don't ever care to repeat that experience. :laugh: