towing with a ford explorer 6 cylinder

[jim] I have 98 2dr explorer 6 with a tow rating of 4900lbs. Would like to hear from anyone who has towed about 3000lbs or better with one of these vehicles, over some mountains and such, and how it handled it. Would appreciate any input.
towing with a ford explorer 6 cylinder

[Kurt] I own a 97 Explorer and I tow a Starcraft Travelstar 17CK weighing in arount 2900# loaded. (plus passengers, hitch, ect...)
and have no problems towing EXCEPT, sway is a BIG problem for Explorers, and moreso the 2dr as I, we have.
I had to go with a Pullrite hitch to safely tow. With the Pullrite it tows exceptionally well, with absolutly NO sway in any condition.
You can check out my setup and more details at:

Good Luck,
towing with a ford explorer 6 cylinder

[Jim] Thank you for the comments. I was mainly concerned about being under powered but the information about the hitch is good to have.
towing with a ford explorer 6 cylinder

[Kirsty] I have a 96 SportExplorer 2 door and purchased a 19&#039 Prowler that was about 3600 lbs. The explorer would not pull it although it tried, could not find a gear to stay in and struggled up even the slightest incline. Needless to say had to get rid of trailer for a lighter one. The sway I also found a real problem and added an anti sway bar to it which helped. Have just traded for a 16 &#039 Bonair at about 2400 lbs and hope all will be well. test drove one but not long hauls. Make sure you have the transmission coolent. Good luck