Towing with a lowered truck

Capt Ron

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Greetings campers, I'm a newbie, so bear with me on another towing question.
My Truck: a 2006 GMC 1500 with a 5.3L engine and 5:3:3 rear end ratio. Lowered 4" in back and 2" in front.
The Trailer: a 2001 Prowler 30S. 5,500lbs.
The Question: Will I have any problems towing this beast with my truck? What can you forsee me having problems with?


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Re: Towing with a lowered truck

Yes, you are going to drag like crazy going down driveways out of gas stations,etc. With that light of a truck you are certainly going to need a weight distributing hitch and a sway bar. I don't know if they can be mounted so the connection is higher to raise the tongue of the trailer. But I would not pull a trailer of that length without the hitch or swaybar. The wind from semi's or storms would push you all over the road. Uncomfortable if not down right dangerous. I would do some investigating with people who install hitches, not just your RV dealer who is trying to sell a trailer, and find out what you can do to solve that problem.

I pulled a 32' Holiday Rambler behind a 1/2 ton GMC Suburban for a couple years with a 5.7 V8. Pulled it just fine but had to have the hitch or the headlights lit up the sky.

Good luck and Happy Camping.