towing with four winds 31P


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how much will it tow? 2004 31P w/triton V-10
want to tow homesteader EZ Rider with 3 harleys. about 5K pounds.


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Re: towing with four winds 31P

First of all, check the weight rating of the hitch on the unit. If the hitch will handle the 5K+ tow weight and whatever the pin weight of that set up is, then you need to check on the motorhome capabilities.

Ideally, you can go to a truck scale with the motorhome loaded for travel (including people) and get the total weight and the weight on each axel. Make sure that the rear axel weight is enough under the maximum rear axel weight that the pin weight of the trailer will not cause you to exceed this limit. Same is true of the Gross Vehicle Weight. Finally, subtract the actual weight of the motorhome from the CVWR (Combined Vehicle Weight Rating) and this will tell you the maximum trailer weight (including Harleys) which you can pull.


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RE: towing with four winds 31P

Hey Jerry, I have a 2005 four winds 31P. With my wife and a most every thing we camp with we tow a 03 ford tauraus on a dolly with out any trouble. Just be sure of all of your weights. Pilot stations will weigh your rig for about $10.00 very good money spent. If you need to adjust your weight you will know how much then. The hitch on my unit is rated for 5000 lb.