Towing with no extended pin and Reese Slider in Sh


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I have an F-350 SRW Crew Cab Shortbox, 6 & 3/4 feet long, with a Reese 15K slider hitch that I use to pull my present trailer. I am considering the purchase of a 2000 Excel 30 SKO that has no extended pin.

I have been gathering information about an extended pin that would replace the old pin box. The trailer, however, is 1300 miles away, so I need to have my information together before making a move on it.

In speaking with probably the most experienced and knowledgeable service manager in the area, he said that I could tow the trailer with the slider in the extended position in situations where I might need to make sharper turns such as in towns or entering gas staions etc., then put it back in position when out on the Hwy.

I was always under the impression that one was not to tow with the slider extended other than for maneuvering during parking.

Has anyone ever tried this and how did it work? He said I would notice the front end being lighter but it wouldn't damage the hitch etc.

It would be much easier to get the rig home and than have the hitch changed. Otherwise I need to find an extended pin to take along to swap and than hope someone hasn't screwed up with what they ordered and sent me. With the way service seems to be today, I figure it to be a 50-50 chance of getting the right new extended pin to swap out.

Any experience or thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Thanks for ant help! LIKENIT

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Towing with no extended pin and Reese Slider in Sh

Hello there,
I would think you could get away with it, but you should be careful. I have seen worse than you are talking about. Personnaly, I would say not to go very fast if you are in the extended position, maybe 35-40. I agree, you might notice the front end difference, but you should not damage the hitch.


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Towing with no extended pin and Reese Slider in Sh

I would never tow a 5th wheel in the back postion. This is for 10mph or less and should be used in campgrounds, backing up, and tight turns only. When towing out on the road you should have the Kingpin in front of the rear axel(1"-4"). This is done so that you do not lift weight from the front axel and loose steering. Without taking a weight at each wheel you can not determin if you have a safe driving set up with the slider in the rear postion.