We have a Mountain Aire Motor Home and want to pull a Ford Custom Conversion Van behind. The motor home is 37 ft , would this be too much on the transmision to pull a van this size?

Gary B

Senior Member

Hi tiogalady, is you rig a gas or diesel? if its a gas I'd say its going to be to much, you will definetly need an aux. brake system. If you have a diesel you would be ok but will still need the aux braking. :)

If your RV is a gas chassis, I'm betting that your hitch rating is 3500lbs, or 5000lbs at best. Chances are your van weighs no less than 4500lbs. First thing, determine your hitch rating. Second, get the van weighed, and you'll be able to determine the possibilities. If it weighs too much and you don't want to invest in another MH, how about buying a cheap, throwaway Honda or Saturn just to tow behind the MH.