[Vince Alberici] Has anyone towed with a Ford Explorer v8,4x4,4 door with 3.73 ratio. I will be towing a 27&#039 TT and was wondering if I am goig to have any problems. The TT dry weight is 4300lbs. And the truck can tow 6600lbs. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Vince

[mark c] Not to be a wise guy but i dont think that vehicle could be rated to tow 6600 pounds think about it thats more then the tow vehicle weighs so i guess you take your chances!!
I would woryy about my family in that tow vehicle towing a 27 foot unit that weighs 4700 pounds

[Rod Wise] Most all RV trailers outweigh their tow vehicles. Check your owners manual for GCVW and see if your Explorer and trailer are under that figure.

[LAdams] Vince,

In my opinion, you have too much trailer for too little truck...

The Explorer even though equipped with the 302 V8 is a pretty short wheel base... That size trailer can easily start the Explorer to whipping (swaying) under a variety of conditions...

Even with a premium hitch such as the Hensley, the brakes and frame of the Explorer are pretty light for that size trailer...

By comparison, I tow a 27&#039 Nomad that weighs #6300 loaded (#5150 empty)... My truck is an 2000 F-250 SuperDuty 4X4 Off Road, SWB (142") that weighs #7400 fully loaded... The F-250SD does well towing this with a V10 and 3:73 rear axle and 4 speed automatic OD trans...

In my opinion, the Explorer is too small a truck to tow this much trailer... Not only motor wise, but wheel base, brakes and frame as well...

Best Regards,