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I just bought a Keystone Bobcat Model 215 that I will tow with 3/4 ton GMC 1998 Sierra pickup. The travel traler dry weight is around 3500lbs. I know I have plenty of truck to tow this trailer but will I need to buy a anti-sway hitch? I have considered an equilizer hitch but do not know if this would be more than I need . Are there any cheaper options? Leonard

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In order of MY preference:

Hensley Arrow or Pullrite
Reese Dual Cam or Equal-i-zer
Everything else

While it is true that you do have "enough" truck for this trailer I consider a good hitch mandatory for SAFE towing...

The Pullrite and Hensley are bar far the best hitches you can buy to ELIMINATE sway... All other hitches MINIMIZE sway...

I also tow with a 3/4 ton truck (F-250 SD w/V10) and I use a Pullrite #10K hitch... My TT is a bit bigger than yours but none the less, safety and stability are my prime concerns...

Lastly, you could go with something like a standard Drawtite (or other) with standard w/d bars and a friction type sway damper... Under most conditions they will provide adequate performance... However, the manufacturers of the friction sway dampers will tell you to loosen them in slippery or wet weather which is when you really need them most, so I consider them to be of just passable value...

Personally, the hitch is one place where I wouldn't skimp... It is the singular device that is holding your new expensive TT to your new expensive truck and providing the stability to prevent sway and insure safety of you and your passengers... Buying a cheap hitch IMHO is "penny wise and dollar foolish"...

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Thanks for the information. I have a question about the Reese Dual Cam. Is this used by itself or do you need the weight dist. hitch with it? So far for me I am leaning towards the equalizer because I already have the class v receiver hitch that came with my truck. Leonard.


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Hi LeonardW,
The Dual Cam sway control works as part of the weight distributing bars of the hitch. The pressure of the spring bars works along with the cam action of the dual cam. I suspect that you have the factory hitch reciever on your truck now. You also need a hitch head, ball, and spring bars. Here is a web site that shows what the dual cam setup looks like.

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