Towmaster or Trailhauler

[Carolyn K] Is anyone out there familiar with the Towmaster by International or the TrailHauler by Freightliner? My husband is considering buying one to pull our new 5th wheel trailer since we are just about maxed-out with our current truck. I would like to read some comments, pro or con, about either truck.
Towmaster or Trailhauler

[gdauth] I think that the Freightliner truck that you are thinking about is called the Sport Chassis. It is basically a model FL60 truck that is set up to pull large fifth wheel RVs, horse trailers, boats etc. You can see a picture of one at:

It is manufactured by Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. They also produce Class A motorhome chassis. I have one of their motorhome chassis, and they make good stuff.

You can also request information at their web site.
Towmaster or Trailhauler

[scaa99] Carolyn,
You may want to spec your own MDT. To my knowledge both trucks you mentioned are high $ items. I speced an International 4700 crewcab. We purchased it as a cab/chassis and had a tow bed built and installed seperately. We figure we saved between $5,000 and $10,000. Everything is working great. We pull a 5th wheel that weighs about 16,000 dry. If you&#039d like more info email me at
Best of luck. John