toy hauler-front or rear


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I am looking at travel trailers where you can take your motorcycle with you. There are two new trailers where the motorcycle gets put in front instead of at the rear of the trailer. How would this affect the ride of the trailer, you have 1000#s of motorcycle on the tongue of the trailer instead of behind the axle? Any other information on toy haulers is greatly appreciated.


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RE: toy hauler-front or rear

Well personally I would rather have the weight pushing down on the tongue that pulling up on it. I dont think that is any diffferent than hauling a motorcycle or atv in the back of a truck and a trailer behind the truck.


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Re: toy hauler-front or rear

I agree. The down side is a heavier 'pin weight', which might be more difficult to handle when unhooked (could offload the motorcycle to overcome this if it is a problem). Then just make sure you don't exceed the pin weight limit of your hitch, or the GVWR or rear axel GAWR of your tow vehicle. If it is close to the latter, you might need a weight distributing hitch to shift some weight to the front axel.