toy hauler

I am thinking of getting a toy hauler so as not to have to tow,I have a smart car also and I could drive it into the garage and not tow.At present I have a Damon 2010 Astoria diesel.Looking at a 2014 Damon outlaw 37LS or 37MD.My ? is has anyone had a toy hauler and what is the pros and cons.Thanks for any help


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I've never owned a toy hauler but I've been in several and the only disadvantage I can come up with is having to live with the smell of oil, gas and exhaust from whatever was parked back in the garage. Also, will a smart car fit in one, and will you be able to open the door to get out - or exit thru the sun roof?
Yes Jimmy I think this may be a problem.Will check one out and see what you are talking about.From what I can see they have roof vents and a door between the 2.And I really don't plan on running the auto inside more than I would have to.Smart car is about 5 by 8 ft.And the new RVs have 2 doors,one for the cab and one for the Garage.