Toy Hauler

We are looking for our first fifth wheel camper. The Raptor 3612DS looks real good to us. A toy hauler is a must. Lacking experience ourselves, we are turning to the knowledge available here. Any comments pro or con on this one or other toy haulers? Can anyone advise as to whether a fifth wheel hitch is better than using a goose neck adapter to pull with the ball already in the bed? One other question for now---how high are the stoplights mounted above the streets on the usual city streets? The Raptor is 13'5"; will that pose problems for us?
Toy Hauler

Why didn't you just continue this on the other page you started? Same subject...

The legal height of any vehicle on the road is 13'6". Bridges and lights are designed for this clearance. Low structures will be, or should, be clearly marked.

If you are looking at a new trailer, I would avoid the gooseneck adapter. It will void your frame warranty for most brands of trailers. It puts added stress on the frame. The fifth wheel is desiged to tow from the king-pin. When you drop that pull point about a foot, you really change the stress on the frame. It can, and has, caused frames to crack. Ask the dealer how Raptor feels about it.
Toy Hauler

Thank you for your response. Since posting I have checked with a dealer to find out about recommendations on the use of a gooseneck adapter. It is just as you say--not recommended. I have given up on that idea. We are looking at a new rig. Many thanks for your input.