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Greetings! I am new to this forum and subject and have a couple of "newbie" questions. My wife and I want to buy a TT to tow behind our Toyota Tundra. Our model is rated to tow 7,100, lbs. Being conservative we are not looking at any travel trailor that has an "unloaded trailer weight (w/ hitch weight), over 3,750 lbs. We hope to travel both to the Florida beaches and up to 4,000' up in the Smokies. Is this weight limitation reasonable? Am I too conservative on this limitation? How much can the Tundra REALLY tow?
I have 16" wheels on this truck, should I have gone with the 17" wheels?

Thanks for your input and assistance.

Hoping to be in the campgrounds in the near future. :)

Gary B

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Toyota Towing Truth

Hi Rod, welcome to the forum and Rving, I think your on the right track, most floks figure about 80% of the tow rating which in your case would be 5680 lbs, a ball park figure for loaded wt. is 1000 to 1500 lbs(what you add to the empty trailer), you could problay go as high as 4500 lbs empty on a TT, other factors to consider is length / width, I assume you have the V8 engine. The 16" wheels are just fine, 95% of all trucks are equipped with 16" as the 17" and now 19.5" are fairly new on the scene. My dually has 16" and I wouldn't trage them for anything else, 16" tires are available anywhere, even in small towns and 17" you'll have to find somewhere. Good luck. :) :cool: :bleh: :approve:

Ed H.

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Toyota Towing Truth

While I can't say anything about the Tundra, my wife and I had a '96 4runner that we pulled a 23' Wilderness with. The size of the trailer put the handling of the rig at the edge, but that V-6 just wanted to go! We could even pass gas pumps with 14 MPG towing! The tow rating on it was 5,000 lb. and we were probably a couple of pounds over that. If my experience is common, Toyota goes a little conservative on their ratings.
The only reason we didn't get a Tundra to replace the 4runner is that we wanted 2WD and they won't ship them to New England.
Toyota Towing Truth


Thanks for the response. Yes, I am basing all of my calculations on the V-8 engine. Your note about the easy availability of the 16" tire is good to know. I really did not know much about the 17" tires, since my Nissan PU ran on 15" ones :)

I'm sure I'll have more questions at each step.

Hoping to be in the campgrounds in the near future :cool:
Toyota Towing Truth

Thanks for your post. My wife and I spent part of a week in the White Mts. a couple of years back. I've never seen so many AWD and 4WD vehicles in my life. Just curious (trying to learn), do you prefer
2WD towing? Are there advantages to having a tow vehicle that is a 2WD over a 4WD? Or, visa versa?

Your comment about Toyota possibly being conservative on their tow figures is interesting. I've wondered about that but have not taken the time to try to chase that one down. :)

Hoping to be in the campgrounds in the near future :cool:
Toyota Towing Truth

I would take Toyota's tow ratings as gospel. The reason I say this is that Toyota takes the opposite and most conservative route when questioned about whether their vehicles can be towed. I'm a real Toyota fan, but I bought an old and cheap Honda Accord just to tow behind my MH. Why, you may ask? Because Honda has taken the risk of advertising that their vehicles can be towed if you follow their requirements.

With Toyota, I think they didn't figure too many of their owners wanted to tow their vehicles behind a MH, and they haven't done any testing to prove they can or cannot be towed for a small majority of Toyota owners? But, in the case of the Tundra, it was designed to complete with the F150's, etc. They couldn't very well produce a PU to compete if it couldn't also two the weight.

From your description, it sounds as if you don't plan to overload anyway. Go ye forthe and enjoyeth.

Ed H.

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Toyota Towing Truth

We wanted 2WD because it's closer to the ground, has less moving parts and is a little better on gas. We run mostly on the highway, so 4WD doesn't even come into play.
As for towing advantages, where do you plan to go? What kind of driving do you do when not towing? If you will be dragging the trailer off road, 4WD can help you get back to pavement (or it can get you stuck even worse than 2WD). It's all amatter of personal preferance and needs.
Toyota Towing Truth

I own a 2000 tundra,v8,2wd. I tow a 27 ft TT (Nash). TT loaded weighs between 6000 to 6300 lbs loaded. Unloaded 5100 lbs. Tundra weighs 4660. (without occupants). My Tundra GVTW is rated at 11,800 lbs. After seeing these specs,most would think this is excessive. Had the tundra and TT weighed (while hitched together and loaded,with no occupants in the cab). The GVTW was 10,800 lbs. Add two to four (average weight) passengers ,you'll find you truck quickly at it's maximum GVTW rating. Have traveled graded highways and backroads without any issues to date. Sway was an uncomfortable problem at first,(long trailer ,short wheel base). Added a Reeese Dual Cam anti sway system,and hence no more noticable sway. I travel no faster than sixty Mph on highways and switch off the overdrive gear when on steeper inclines. The truck's 245 HP has been able to sustain an adequate speed and power on the steeper inclines with plenty of space between the accelerator and the floor board. Lots of people doubt this truck's capability and underestimate its stregth and it's little known reputation amongst other 1/2 ton trucks. Please remember,never exceed the vehicle's and trailer's towing ratings. I believe I'm pretty much at the maximum safe towing ratings, but then again I stay within a two hundred mile radius when towing. I've been out on five trips so far,and there has been no scares or issues to date. Just remember... what has worked for me and those others, may not necessarily be suitable for you and your travel destinations. Keep safety to the forefront and let that be your deciding factor in selecting both your towing vehicle and the trailer. Good luck.

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Toyota Towing Truth

Toyotas are the bomb! We pull our 25' TT with a Toyota Sequoia. NO problem at all. Haven't "gradutated" to a truck just yet :)
Sherrie :kiss: