We have purchased a 2000 Toyota Tundra. After screening many respnses form owners it appears that front brakes are an issue, towing or not. Looks like the fix is larger diameter brakes.

We have been looking at Forest Rivers, F21RKL model 5th wheel to tow behind it. What is your opinion of the brakes and towing this RV?

their web site is


T Mac

I don't have a Tundra, nor have I towed a FW w/one. However, since you mentioned that front brakes were a problem even when not towing, what has been Toyota's solution there, if any? I'm a Toyota fan and I find it difficult to believe Tundra's have an unresolved brake problem. Regardless, seems to me that properly operating FW brakes would eliminate a truck problem to some extent.

Having stated the foregoing, you just need to determine the weights of the FW you want to tow. Can't be more than xxxx lbs loaded, and can't have more than xxxx lbs on the pin, plus what you carry in the truck itself. The Tundra can't carry a lot, but it can pull a properly-sized FW unit.

One of the many sites I have found continued comments regarding Toyota Tundra brake problems is:

It appears to be consistant for front brakes and some very detailed explanations.

Having owned many Toyotas I have seen over the years that they do have problems accepting their faults. For years they have had recalls on their heads/head gaskets on many of their 6 cyl's.