Tracking MH service, travel and site expenses


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For those of you who are interested in keeping track of your MH expenses, travel, fuel and service expenses, I recently got the RVer's Notebook from The program is excellent, and the support superior to any I've ever dealt with on any other program. There were a couple of very minor issues when I first started entering my info, I emailed Mickey and he immediately corrected my problem. He even called me on his dime to ensure that things worked well.

I can't say enough about the program or the support. You can record service work, camping sites, all your expenses related to the MH or toad, enter photos, set alerts for future service, etc. It is great. No I don't have any affiliation with the developer of the program, but as many things out there that claim to be so good and aren't, I'm the first to rant and rave about those that do what they promise, and do it well.