Trade Stereo gear for small trailer like Casita or Scamp


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For Trade :Restored Sansui 9090 Stereo, turntable, speakers for Casita/Scamp small Trailer​

For Trade- I have a great restored vintage stereo system. The Sansui 9090 top of the line 110 watts per channel. It has had a full restoration with new capacitors, transistors, fuse resistors, larger filter cans, new lights, protection relay and more.

Dual 621 Direct Drive fully automatic turntable restored by a leading dual turntable tech and has a new headshell, cartridge and needle.

Pioneer CS-77A and CS-88A speakers. CS-88A has a 12" woofer, 2 mid-range and 2 tweeters with 1 horn tweeter each. The CS-77A also has a 12" woofer with 1 mid, 1 tweeter and 1 horn each. Both sets have the Lattice work grills!

Looking for a good used Casita/Scamp type small Trailer. I like the one with the kitchen area all on one side the best.

I have disabilities including chronic pain and am very sensitive to my environment making it so I can't stay in hotels etc. I want to be able to travel to some places again and stay in my own trailer away from WIFI.

I am very passionate about my vintage stereos and have been collecting them since the early 1990's. This Sansui will give you a lifetime of listening

I can provide more pics- Mine would not load on this site. IMG_0854.JPGIMG_0857 (2).JPG
Thanks for looking- Jackson


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