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I want to try myself in the field of online business. I chose the sphere of stock trading for myself. Friends, please tell me the applications for stock trading. I would be very grateful for your help.


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You can try an app called Robinhood. Here you can read more information about this app The app is available on all mobile OS systems and a Web platform. It offers powerful monitoring and analyzing tools. Analyze the data as fondly as you need and extract all the relevant information. But there are multi-billion dollar finance corporations that set up very expensive data centers with equipment to shave nano-seconds off the trade execution time. Is this what you are trying to compete against?
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Tom Cooper

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1 Quik Trading Platform.
2 Ninja Trader.
3 MetaTrader.
4 Mobile Trading 4.1 FinamTrade. 4.2 ActTrader. 4.3 Forex Signals. 4.4 RealTime Stock Tracker. 4.5 Trade Interceptor Forex.
You should with Timothy Sykes, Wolf Millionaire apps. They're the big fish and helping a lot of students worldwide to become successful in stock trading.