Trail-Lite Bantam Garage Model


I'm interested in any info regarding the Trail-Lite Bantam Garage Model. I've seen the web-site and saw a few postings regarding this trailer but I haven't actually seen it. Sounds like a great idea. Tows easy and fits in the garage.

Does anyone have any experience with this particular model or know anyone who does? I'd be interested in any comments.

Trail-Lite Bantam Garage Model

I hadn't heard of this one, but would be interested in looking at it, as I'm seriously considering a Casita or other such mobileminihut. What is the web site &/or mfg's contact info?
Trail-Lite Bantam Garage Model

Tnx for the web site,,, as i said, I'm serious on the Casita, tho I haven't made a commitment yet. If you want to look at it try or go with a toll free 1-800-442-9986 I already have my tow vehicle Dodge Dakota, which is way more than enough for a minimobilehut, I'm fixin' to get the trailer in Jan '02.
Trail-Lite Bantam Garage Model

Actually saw one of the garage model Bantams at a dealer that was prepping it for delivery to a customer. Look like it would easily fit into a garage, but I have to say that it seemed a little cramped inside. Have you seen one yet?