Trail-Lite Brand: Any thoughts?

I just bought a 98 Trail-Lite by R-Vision and really don't know much about them. Since I don't see any around, I wonder if there is something wrong with them?

It has an aluminum frame and fiberglass shell with foam insulation glued to the walls. Is this a good construction method? Compared to an aluminum shell that I see on so many campers?

It's supposed to be very light and the owner was very pleased with the non-aluminum shell since his was the only camper that wasn't dented during a harsh hail storm.

If you have any thoughts on this brand or the way they are built? Thanks!
Trail-Lite Brand: Any thoughts?

I have a light-weight trailer build the same way ( Flagstaff 25-D ) that I bought new in 1997. I have had no problems with the trailer construction itself. the construction method used is very common. Keep it polished and you should have no problem. the most common problem with this construction is delamination of the fiberglass - but I have seen it happen to expensive and cheap models.
Trail-Lite Brand: Any thoughts?

I've had a 2003 TrailLite 235S MH with the slide out since February. We mostly RV on weekends to Dog Shows. We love it. We've been to NY, NJ, PA and MD so far. Generally we end up Dry Camping so I had an extra battery for the house added.
Construction seems to be inexpensive, lower quality carpet, cheaper cabinets, etc but all very functional. Try the openroads forum under Woodalls, there is a thread under the Camping Van forum labelled B+ I think it is. Extensive discussion about Trail Lite B+.
Do a search if you bought the trailer. There is also a Yahoo Group for Trail Lite trailers.