Trail-Lite vs Aero-Lite

[Gary] I&#039m looking at both Trail-Lite and Aero Lite new TT.
There are many tradeoffs between the two. Both are ultra lite. Aero has a galvanized steel frame and a structure wood floor. Trail Lite doesan&#039t have a galvanized frame but has a plywood tongue and groove floor. Both have a vinyl roof. Have you had any good or bad experiences with either of these trailers? Thanks for your help.
Trail-Lite vs Aero-Lite

[Tim] I&#039ve got the Trail Lite 8263, had it for about a year. Best rig I&#039ve ever owned. Good workmanship, tows great. I don&#039t know if the enclosed underside actually helps towing efficiency / handling, but it does help with cold weather camping. FYI - there&#039s one guy out there trashing Trail Lite on at least 5 bbs that I know of - something about he didn&#039t want his tires to buldge when he turned - Trail Lite worked with him, but he still gripes every chance he gets.
Trail-Lite vs Aero-Lite

[bill from illinois] can&#039t speak for Aero lite but i had a trail-lite got it last jun traded it this month for jayco. couldn&#039t sleep when it rains. sounds like cold water dropping in hot grease. had hard time towing. also lost $6,000 in that short time. Emailed Traile-lite 3 times to try and get some help no response.
Trail-Lite vs Aero-Lite

[Steve] I&#039m not sure if you&#039re referring to the "hybrid" type or the traditional bed set-up. We have an Aero Cub, 21 ft.(hybrid) We&#039ve had a few problems, mostly minor ones, such as bath tub not caulked causing leakage, one interior wall not anchored properly causing the bathroom door to not be able to close. You do give up a little to get a little though. The end beds are pretty unconfortable on the mattress seam where the plywood under them is about an inch or two offset. Overall though, we&#039re pretty happy with it. If we had it to do again, and if we had a tow vehicle that could handle it, we might opt for the traditional bed set-up. Also would be nice to be able to leave them "made up" if you&#039re on the move from camp to camp. But on the other hand, being able to tow with our v6 Astro is nice. Tough choice, I remember losing a bit of sleep myself when we were making the decision. Good luck.