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We are considering purchasing a Trail-lite (7211-S model) and would like to hear comments from current and previous owners. We plan to tow it with out Nissan Pathfinder which has a 5000 lb tow capacity - the 7211-S has a total dry weight of 3290 lbs. Does anyone see any problems with this? As you can see, we're new at this and need all the advice we can get :)


It is generally recommended that you do not exceed 80% of what your vehicle is rated for to be safe.That figure of 3290 probably does not include any accesories like A/C,micro,awning,propane. You must also consider the weight of water,supplies,passengers,and all the normal junk you take.I would guess that you are pushing it right to or over the safe limit for this vehicle.

we have a 7200 series trail lite, year 2000, and towed it with a pathfinder. dry weight was 2800 pounds but we discovered that by time we added accessories (a/c, tv, etc) plus clothes and food, our weight was 4300...........much to close for comfort. we did tow with the pathfinder for about a year; it did okay but we had to go very slowly on most hills and passes. we worried about the transmission so ended up trading to a tundra with 7200 tow capacity and it made a world of difference! by the way, we love the trail lite!


We are also considering buying a Trail-Lite 7212 (2960 Lbs DW) and want to pull with our Nissan Pathfinder. Was wondering how the purchase of your Trail-lite and experience pulling with the Pathfinder worked out.