Trailer brakes

When towing my 5th wheel and applying the brakes they seem to grab real hard dosent seem to matter where the brake adjustment is any ideas ? Also how often do you replce trailer brakes its a 95 and was hauled to florida from maine several years? :) :)
Re: Trailer brakes

Sounds like, at a minimum, you need to adjust your brakes. If they are too loose, or too tight, brakes will grab. With the mileage on your unit, my bet is, the brake shoes need replacing.
RE: Trailer brakes

Grandveiw when they come on they grab really hard jerking the trailer tryed adjusting controller no differance you think shoes will cure it? Should i remove one set and take to dealer to get matched up,there must be dozens of axle and brake shoe combos out there
Re: Trailer brakes

I'm not talking about adjusting the controller. I meant adjust the brakes themselves in the brake hubs. Your shoes are probably worn out and cracked. That will make them grab real bad.

Take a wheel off and measure the brake drum. It will be 10" or 12". That is an inside measurement, so you will measure about 11 or 13. You should let someone who knows look at them. Your magnets are probably well worn also. At some point it is better to replace the whole brake assy. It is cheaper than trying to rebuild brakes sometime. Depending on the size brakes, 4 or 5 nuts hold it on and you just have to connect 2 wires. The complete brake assy. should cost about $75.00.
Re: Trailer brakes

If you haven't greased your bearings since 1995 you may want to change your bearings at the same time. Remove an inner and outer bearing and grease seal and take it with you to your auto parts dealer to match up. NAPA has the best selection unless you have a "Six Robblees" in your area. Also the best place to buy your break assemblies.