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I have a Ford F250 6.0 Crew with trailer pkg. The book says I can tow a max of 23000 lb 5th wheel. That sounds heavy and would mean I could pull just about anything. What suggestions would anyone have to tow what length. I have been told I would be able to handle a 40 ft. Any suggestions from anyone that is towing a longer, heavyer unit.
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Need more info:

4x2 or 4x4?
long bed or short?
rear axle ratio?

23000 for a 3/4 ton, even a diesel seems a bit much. Be concerned.

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It's a 4X2 short bed 74", with 3.73 on a 2005. The Ford book says 23000 GCVW. I take it that the 'c' stands for combined. My question is could I tow a Teton or Travel Supreme 40 ft. They are heavier but like other have said don't think would load it much over the 14500 UVW (there weight).
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Go back and read your book again. Find the rating for the fifth wheel trailer weight. It won't be 23,000. 2005 is when Ford upped the tow ratings, but I am not sure what they went to.

GCWR is the trailer and truck added together.

Also, your truck being a short bed, hooking up a very long trailer is not a good idea. Control can easily be lost with a much shorter tow vehicle.


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You are correct, the 23000 is combined weight. I believe the trailer weight is 16000 lbs. There isn't much, 500 - 600 lbs difference to a 36 ft unit in the Travel Supreme trailers, so why would there a difference in pulling a shorter unit?
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Before I start, I KNOW thousands are towing big trailers with short trucks, but this is my opinion.

Your truck is a Crew Cab and that is a plus. Honestly I did not catch that last night.

Folks who have a short tow vehicle and tow a long trailer are asking for trouble. If the trailer starts swaying, you run it off the road and you have to correct, blow a tire, or hundreds of other situations you run into on the road, a short truck may not have the weight to keep the trailer in control. Control also means the ability to STOP, pulling a trailer down the road is only half the job. Your truck weights about 7,500lbs., think about what 20,000lbs. out of control, hooked to your rear end, would feel like.

I personally own a 2500 ext. cab long bed. Rated to tow a 15,600 fifth wheel. The heaviest trailer we usually tow is about 12,000, and we don't have problems. I do have some room there, but I would not hook up to a trailer weighing a lot over the limit. Don't get me wrong, I am a believer in towing what your truck is rated for, I just don't believe in breaking its back.

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Go light. It isn't safe to tow a full sized house down the road with a pickup. You need a mid-sized truck to safely tow the BIG 5'ers. :clown:
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I wouldn't max it out. What you must worry about is your breaks. How much breaking power does you truck have if your trailer brakes fail? Trailer brake failure is more common than most people think. Some people can tow their trailer several times and not realize that some or all of their brakes on the trailer are not working. Do you have disc and drum or all disc? All disc has better stopping power.